Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa #12 (with bonus beats)

BONUS BEATS! This is an old design that I'm posting as a little bonus illustration for today. My friend Ben Acker writes the Thrilling Adventure Hour, a monthly live show performed in the style of old time radio. They have a great podcast that I listen to regularly (often while I'm working on my illustrations). It's really funny! A long while back Ben commissioned me to do a poster design of all the villains from one of the regular segments, Captain Laserbeam, a super hero send up. This was the first character design I did as a test image for the project: Anti-Claus. A villain from the opposite zone known for stealing Christmas. So there you go a little extra Santa for today. Check out the Thrilling Adventure Hour sometime soon.


ben said...

the OPPOSITE ZONE not the negative zone.

E.L.Splice said...

Fixed! Sorry about that.