Monday, May 17, 2010

The Slumps

Here are a few selections from last Tuesday night's drawing session. I don't know what was happening with me but I found it really hard to get started this week. I did some warm up experiments then tried my hand at a few more rook sketches— but nothing was working. When this happens, I like to switch mediums to see if something will click. Eventually I got a rook drawing off the ground but mostly I just deposited a lot of paper in the recycling bin. I really can't decide the best method to tackle creative block but I found sitting around and stewing on it definitely doesn't work. Getting loose and switching from pen to pencil was a good start this time.

First a snap shot:

Then a little character sketch with ink and sponge:

Thanks for reading/looking!

Monday, May 10, 2010

By Hook Or By Rook

Another rook snapshot— getting closer to the character that I want. I'll get a good scan up on the web log later. This time around I spent a lot (A LOT) more time on rendering the feathers. This one also has feet which were more challenging than I anticipated.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday Night Drawing: Room & Rook

I got started on this one about a quarter past midnight; having just missed what I'm sure was a killer set by White Hills on the Evan "Funk" Davies Show on WFMU.

I don't have the time or the energy to tile this big drawing right now so I'm going to show a little of what I call my "studio" and some crappy snap shots.

This drawing is an initial study that will turn into a full-on character design of a rook. The weight of the beak and head to body ratio are totally wrong but the important thing here was not so much the drawing as the inking method. Following the same philosophy as some of the previous tree studies, this drawing was about combining broad, fast strokes with areas of concentrated detail. Like the trees it has a strong, simple silhouette that carries the form allowing a lot of freedom to go from more detailed areas to looser marks.

I know, it's kind of small but I like it.

I did an image adjustment for this last one.

Thanks for checking in. Anyone who wants to join the Tuesday Night Late Night Drawing Society let me know. I'd love some company.