Monday, November 29, 2010


Whooee! Projects are eatin' my life right now. Here's another one down. This is for my friend Ben Acker's ongoing Thrilling Adventure Hour at the Largo in L.A.

This is based on their segment Captain Laserbeam. It's the collected villains of Apex City, Captain Laserbeam's home. It's a two color version that is meant to look like a silkscreen print. I'll probably do a full color version in the future.

I'll make up a key for the villains and post it later. Hope you like it, internet!


I drew the turkey in the beginning of this.


sterling said...

Awesome piece Evan!! Love the characters.

Virtualbri said...

That is a wonderful poster; love the design, love the palette!

E.L.Splice said...

Thanks VirtualBri! It should be available for sale soon via the good guys over at Cheers!