Friday, February 20, 2009

Sellin' Out Part 2wice

Everybody should check out DIZZY DOLLY's web log and not just because it features me this week. Every Friday Dizzy Dolly features a different ETSY SITE that has great stuff but still has zero sales. It's hard to get a start out there but I send out big thanks for taking her personal time to write me up.

So far my sales have gone from 0 to 1! So my sales have almost doubled!

I have her permanently listed in my Friends of the Frog section on the right.

As always you can go directly to my Etsy shop via the ad banner all up wrecking my web log's aesthetic and junk.


Anonymous said...


I am interested in the Cupid's Day Off thing on your Etsy site, but I would really ideally love the page where it's a big picture of all the things falling in love... is that one available?


E.L.Splice said...

I'll have one up by the end of the month!

Check back soon.


Anonymous said...

great! thanks!

Suzy said...

I was reading your blog because I love comics (I put my own strips on my blog but they are not nearly as polished as yours, ha) but I checked out your etsy site and I love the urban collar/scarves! Awesome idea! If I had the $$, I'd buy, but I will pass along the word.