Monday, October 20, 2008

Floating City

For those who don't know, life has been a little hectic for me as of late, but I'm slowly transitioning back to a productive work schedule and wanted to share a few warm up projects and exercises.

I've been doing a lot of experiments creating black and white patterns and mark-making. This little series of variations are the first of several pieces I'm hoping to debut on postmodernfrog integrating these patterns and textures digitally.

This piece which I'm calling "Satellite" is probably the closest I'll ever get to a Roger Dean painting. I guess I've always been into flying/floating stuff.

Here's a detail of the black and white sketch:

Here's the a color version which I made next using a scratched postcard and block print highlights:

And finally a simpler black and white variation:

Any preferences? I'm putting together an online store soon so I'd love some feedback from anyone who cares to comment.


Dyana said...

This may be because I work exclusively in black and white, but I think that last one is the strongest. The higher contrast just does it for me.

Mr. Joe said...

Actually, I prefer the color one. Particularly if it were to be a print. Gor-gee-oos either way.

Becky said...

Yeah I think it depends on the format they might appear in. Postcard (for example) black and white. Print, colour.
Love it though!

Suzi said...

I love the color piece. Amazing!!!