Saturday, April 12, 2008


I just got word that my Polar Bear piece will appear on the American Illustration website ( in their 2008 installment. Cowabunga.

Also now is as good a time as any to mention that my comic Cupid's Day Off will appear in Best American Comics 2008 published by Houghton Mifflin guest edited by Lynda Barry with Jessica Abel and Matt Madden serving as series editors. Here's a little sample panel:

I'm reminded of the line from the movie The Jerk: "I'm in print! Things are going to start happening to me now."


Dyana said...


Anonymous said...


I'm blogged away, this stuff is great! I'd really love to see the rest of these panels.

scott o

Daniel said...

I debated how best to combine the word "fucking" (showing extreme enthusiasm) and "congratulations" (showing congratulations) in a sentence that wouldn't run the risk of sounding sarcastic ("fucking congratulations") or, worse, be so cliched as to seem meaningless ("con-fucking-gratulations"). So I've opted for "congratulations fucking."

Congratulations fucking!

comicnrrd said...

Evan, I am both excited and envious. Lynda Barry?! Lynda Barry likes your work!!?? A;FSOERUJA;LSVN;AOIERJ;ALDSJF;AER!!!

You are a truly blessed man, I bet it's the moustache.

Adam Sacks said...


I just discovered your blog. Congrats on the Best American Comics inclusion. That's like kinda, sorta not bad in an okay way.

Becky said...


My husband and I read your Cupid's Day Off comic in some sort of a romantic comic strips compilation book while we were on our honeymoon. That level of detail wasn't really necessary, but I'm leaving it in.

Anyway, it was my favourite thing in it by a long shot and I read it loads of times, laughing manically each time. It's really great. Do you have any other things in print? I'd love to read them!


E.L.Splice said...


Glad you found me! My email should be visible in the upper right portion of the blog (I can see it at least). Please email me and find me on myspace.

I have a few comics right here on the blog that were once self published and I should have some more stuff soon.

Keep in touch.