Tuesday, February 5, 2008


A while back I was really into painting these rabbit people. There was something both creepy and comical about them. Sadly I don't have images for the entire series. Cybil Sheppard actually bought a painting from this series.

This was for a group show at Gallery Katz in Boston. It later sold to a woman who said it reminded her of dogs peeing along the banks of the Riviera, or something like that.

This piece appeared on the American Illustration site two years ago (it's still there of course).

The last four are from a sub-series called the escape artist several of these were based on dreams.

Thanks for the look!


Alex said...

Sweet! I hadn't seen most of those before, and I'm really liking the mood in all of them. I especially like the "You Fly When Time's Having Fun" piece.

Daniel said...

I think these are cool. I like the trees growing out of the houses.

Who is this fuckin' jackass commenting above me? "Alex"? What a dickwad name.

kelmurphy said...

More and more good treats!!
Seaver Leslie would be proud of that color in the sky. In fact, I am too.