Monday, January 14, 2008

American Illustration 26

American Illustration 26 was recently released and I'm pleased as punch to be included. You can find my entry for this year on their website ( along with a piece from last year.

Here is the winning entry along with a few other pieces from that series.

This next piece was inspired by The Blood Brothers' song Set Fire to the Face on Fire which is definitely one my favorite songs of 2006 and possibly one of my favorite songs ever. I was going for a kind of over-the-top death metal thing— with flames on top of flames echoing the song title. I used an old notebook for the background because it just seemed like the kind of picture a junior highschool kid would draw during math class.

Check them out:

This next one came out a bit convoluted.

I think I prefer this simpler version.

Thanks for the look. I plan on putting a lot more work up soon.


Alex said...

I like the series... My favorite though was the one that I think you did in "the book." It was a jumping deer with a similar flame/smoke thing going on. I can't quite pin it down, but that one for me somehow encapsulated a lot about human conflict and our relationship with nature as well... probably an unintended side effect of E.L. saying "it would be so AWESOME to light a deer on fire!" Anyway, that's the one I'd want as an over-size poster.

Dyana said...

Noice! What'd you do to the paper to get it like that? In the winning entry.

kelmurphy said...

I'm freaking excited about this year's illustrations, E-dawg. Getting shit done in 2008! Congrats!